Sustainable development is an integral part of Sonepar's strategic plan and the Group has developed a series of initiatives aimed at Sustainability around the world, fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN).

We want to help our customers to act more efficiently, saving energy, promoting circularity and reducing their carbon footprint, which is why we invest in training our companies' sales force so that they can have an increasingly consultative and valuable approach.

We have a department dedicated to Sustainability and ambassadors in all the Group's companies, to ensure greater capillarity, relevance and effectiveness to the actions implemented.

3 major Sonepar’s priorities:

  1. Be the reference in the segment and radically reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint, in synergy with the Paris Agreement
  2. Create a generation of sustainability promoters through education, collaboration and partnerships;
  3. Develop a portfolio of products, solutions and services that are increasingly greener to offer to the market, so that it also becomes more and more sustainable.

Commitment to the Planet

'Planet' is one of Sonepar's strategic pillars and we are committed to keeping it in the spotlight and at the center of our commercial activities, adopting practices that optimize consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of our operation, in addition to offering and prioritizing a portfolio, that promotes energy efficiency to the market.

Environmental impact reduction

Sonepar is among the organizations that calculate the CO2 emission of its operations, measuring its carbon footprint and implementing actions to promote its neutralization by 2040, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit the increase in global temperature.

Monitoring the use of natural resources

Through data monitoring software, Sonepar Brazil manages information on the consumption of natural resources in the operations of all its companies, to ensure efficient data analysis and efficient monitoring of its environmental impact in the country.

A socially responsible company

We promote diversity in our teams and numerous initiatives to serve communities, contributing to a better and more sustainable society.

Positive impact on communities

Sonepar's commitment to the country goes far beyond offering a complete portfolio of products and services. We mobilize and join forces to be part of the solutions to society's challenges and constantly promote social actions. From donations to NGOs, more than 600,000 families have already been helped, including through the distribution of food baskets to the Red Cross and the Gerando Falcões network. During the pandemic, we also contributed to the construction of hospitals and field infirmaries and donated more than 25,000 masks to needy communities.

Our concern for People

Besides being a company value and a crucial strategic pillar, “People” are the heart of our organization. We prioritize the safety, care and protection of our employees and partners, promoting well-being practices and awareness actions to create a better future.

Ethics and commitment

Sonepar's sustainable development strategy is in line with the goals of the United Nations and aims to increase access to clean and affordable energy, climate action, quality education and conscientious consumption.

We have a solid and consistent Compliance program and our commitment to ethics is an inexorable premise in all the relationships we establish.

Sonepar has also developed a Sustainability Policy to ensure the effectiveness of its actions internally and externally and has a Sustainability Report to further highlight its commitment to the planet.