Sonepar has 170 companies worldwide with offices, branches and distribution centers. Over the years, they have grown, developed and expanded. In Brazil, the scenario is no different! Swipe the center of images and see before-and-after photos of our corporate headquarters over time:



Part of the Sonepar Group since 2002, Eletronor was founded in 1995. Headquartered in Caxias do Sul (RS), it currently has 3 additional branches operating in the states of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, and has over 130 employees. Exclusive distributor of Rockwell Automation and Universal Robots collaborative robots in these states, it has a broad portfolio of automation, electrical materials, wire and cable, lighting, PPE and more.


DW has been part of the Sonepar Group since 2003. Founded in 1977, headquartered in Curitiba (PR), and currently 6 more branches: in Maringá (PR), Blumenau and Joinville (SC), Canoas (RS), Uberlândia (MG) and Guarulhos (SP). Over the years it has incorporated the companies Emel, Proelt and Walter Schmidt, and today has over 200 employees and 3 In Company stores. South segment leader, offers complete solutions in the distribution of electrical materials and PPE.


Dimensional was founded in 1967, headquartered in Limeira (SP) and has been part of the Sonepar Group since 2007. It currently has 350 employees, 1 store and 7 branches in the cities of São Paulo (SP), Campinas (SP), Ribeirão Preto (SP), Bauru (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR) and Porto Alegre (RS). It offers customers across the country a broad portfolio of over 300,000 items as well as digital tools and service differentials specializing in repair, drive and motor maintenance with 24/7 assistance.


Centelha was founded in 1986 and joined the Sonepar Group in 2012. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), it is also present in Espírito Santo, Bahia, Pernambuco and Ceará. It has over 200 employees, 6 branches and 4 distribution centers. It offers solutions in lighting, industrial and building automation, telecom, motors, materials for hazardous areas (EX), special cables and PPE, as well as digital tools that allow greater agility and convenience to its customers.


Nortel was founded in 1966 and incorporated into the Sonepar Group in 2015. Headquartered in Campinas (SP), it has 13 Spot branches, 4 Distribution Centers and 28 In Company units, that is, within customer facilities. It currently has over 840 employees and specializes in the Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) industry, offering the largest geographic coverage in the market, over 60,000 inventory items and complete industry solutions.


Etil was founded in 1986 and joined the Sonepar Group in 2015. Located in São Paulo (SP), stands out in the distribution of electrical materials, lighting, PPE, tools and Datacom. Specialist in the service and development of custom projects, has over 50,000 items in stock and ensures the delivery of products within 24 hours to customers in Greater Sao Paulo. Currently with more than 50 employees, Etil has a self-service store and telesales to serve the most diverse customers, such as large retail chains, malls, builders and electrical installation professionals.


Sandler was founded in 1999 and has been part of the Sonepar Group since 2012. Today, it has a service structure in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and a distribution center in Serra (ES). Specialist in electric cables, is the market leader in the field, and stands out for its vast portfolio of over 1,500 types of electric cables, serving small and large companies across the country. Formed by a specialized technical team, Sandler offers personalized service and technical support through a supply contract, contributing to the productivity and optimization of its customers' operations.