We invest in sustainable growth putting people first in our expanding business.

A Global Company

Our DNA is unique. The balance between local initiative and global operations permeates the growth of our business.

Our companies have deep knowledge of their markets to meet the needs of our customers. We do everything in our power to be more than just a distributor of electrical materials. Besides offering products, we offer solutions, inovative digital tools and multi-channels to serve our customers. We strive to create and maintain a relationship in which each client is our partner.

We focus on the long term...

Every day, everywhere, the engagement of our people is what ensures our success. They maintain close relationships with thousands of customers, suppliers and business partners.

We give men and women priority status:

Earning the trust of our customers is how we achieve profitable growth.

We recognize talents, invest in training and encourage internal promotions throughout our Group.

We develop robust partnerships with high quality manufacturers.

... and consistent results

We are world leaders in B2B distribution of electrical materials, solutions and related services.

Key Figures