We maintain authentic partnerships with our suppliers, showcasing their products and helping them connect with their markets.

Partnering Suppliers

We maintain strategic partnerships with leading suppliers in the market to ensure better solutions and differentiated business conditions for our customers.

Our high quality products and services are our customers. To identify that, demands reliability, responsiveness and ethics that is required by your partner partners.


We identify best-of-class products

Sonepar Brazil selects and distributes the most apropriate products according to the needs of each customer.

Product quality, availability, compliance with the standards, engineering and after-sales service are the main criterias for the supplier approval process.


Marketing support

Sonepar Brasil promotes several initiatives in partnership with its main suppliers focused on Group companies in Brazil, such as:

  • Sales Campaigns
  • Communication
  • Events

In addition, promotes customer satisfaction surveys and mapping of journeys in order to enable our companies to:

  • Evaluate the level of service provided
  • Analyze and work on process improvements
  • Understand the impact of changes
  • Make your customer's journey even more efficient


Getting innovations to market fast

Sonepar showcases the brands of its supplier partners, and by helping them train installers, the Group does its part in raising the overall skill level in our industry.


Our Partner Suppliers