It represented 26% of the Group's sales in 2018


The Sonepar Brazil companies have been recognized for many years for their excellence in the distribution of electrical materials and, about four years ago, the Group has identified the opportunity to expand its product portfolio and also offer security-related items and tools to its customers in the country. Despite its recent performance, this segment already accounted for 26% of the Group's sales in 2018.

“Sonepar Brazil would not have gone through the crisis and would not be growing as it is if we had not had this initiative to work the Safety and Tools segment in Brazil. It was a very assertive response, a huge success. Today we are the largest distributor of electrical materials in the country and the number two in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)”, explains Ricardo Daizem, COO of the Group.

An essential factor for this success was the benchmarking with Vallen, a company of the Group established in Mexico and specialized in the segment, which allowed a fast learning of this business model.

Sonepar then established a committee with professionals from Centelha, Dimensional, DW, Eletronor and Nortel, and started investing in technical specialists and the adequate training of the sales team in order to implement in Brazil everything that was learned with Vallen. The greatest learning was related to the logistics service, in which work safety goes beyond PPE. According to Daizem, you need quality products, availability and good factory support. In addition, another great differential of Sonepar is the software Alianza, developed internally and focused on an efficient management of the PPEs.

With the implementation of Alianza, our industrial clients ensure that all safety materials are correctly assigned to each worker according to their function and requirements of eSocial (Digital Tax Bookkeeping System of Social Security and Labor Tax Obligations).

The control is done through biometrics, which generates reports with date and time of delivery, ensuring that the expiration date of each safety equipment will be respected and preventing the employee from using any item that is not suitable for their protection while performing their function, increasing productivity and generating savings to our customers.

The technology goes beyond software and it is possible to have vending machines on the production line for delivery of PPE, preventing the employees from walking long distances to get the necessary safety equipment.

“Today we are able to adequately measure the delivery of PPEs, we avoid the frequent absence of the employees of their workplace and allow the customers to increase their productivity, improve their service and become more productive”, Daizem concludes.

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