The focus of the discussions is improvements on outcomes and the quality of the services


Sonepar Brazil's Shared Services Center (SSC) is now part of Inova - a study group of IEG (Institute of Management Engineering), which promotes researches and the exchange of experiences and best practices among companies that have a Shared Services Center structured in the country.

Last February, Sonepar SSC was selected and qualified to join the group of discussions, that gather together 17 companies from several sectors that stablished a SSC for more than two years and are at the same maturity level.

Inova promotes bimonthly meetings, which take place at the headquarter of the participating companies, and at each meeting the host company and other invited companies presents the innovations implemented in its SSC, with debates and tools that allow all companies to benefit from these shared information.

Sonepar SSC will be visited in 2020 by Inova members, but it already had the opportunity to present the benefits of IT integration to the SSC, a case of success among the group companies, who also have this challenge.

According to Andrea Tomesanni, Administrative and Financial Manager of Sonepar SSC, Inova is a collaborative group in which the exchange of information makes it possible to analyze and articulate other market perspectives and trends. "We have the same issues and the same challenges, so we discuss a lot, especially about what has already been successfully implemented and can be used by other members. In this group we have been able to support each other on promoting even more changes and improvements in our organizations, "she says.

A robust SSC framework enables companies to grow faster, but the transformation of the employees' mindset is also essential. If the employees were previously focused on a single company, they now work for the development of the Group as a whole.

With this participation in the with Inova group, Sonepar SSC aims to have an even more competitive, motivated and prepared team for the implementation of new projects. "With processes improvements, we have reduced the time dedicated for some activities and increased productivity and data analysis, which reflect positively on SSC and on customer satisfaction," she explains.

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