Achievement proves that the company is capable of further improving its practices, with emphasis on sustainability


Sonepar's commitment to the planet is one of our values ​​and goes beyond offering a portfolio of more efficient products to the market and promoting internal actions. The company really aims to make a difference to building a better future and was evaluated for the second year in a row by Ecovadis, a global organization for rating sustainability in companies.
Ecovadis' complete assessment judges elements that, combined, make up corporate sustainability: Environment, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Purchasing. After analyzing all the data sent, Sonepar achieved an evolution of 50% in relation to the previous process.

“This certification considers the sustainability processes applied by the company, but it also involves many other areas, mainly HR and Compliance. When we shared the finalized questionnaire with customers, they were able to conclude that Sonepar works every day to offer an ethical and quality service, with a consistent look at a sustainable future”, says Bianca Bricio, Sustainability Manager at Sonepar.

With the increase in the grade received and in the report that accompanies it, Sonepar proves that it is capable of further improving its practices, involving all areas of the company, towards its clear goal of leading the energy transition, with sustainability as a priority. and a way of doing business. “All areas of the company were strongly engaged throughout 2021 to reassess our procedures and include new topics in our training”, she highlights.

“This process covers all the companies of the Group in the country (Dimensional, Eletronor and Nortel) and this 50% increase in our score in the Ecovadis questionnaire reflects each effort made and all the projects implemented at Sonepar during the period”, concludes Bianca.

Sonepar continues to invest to create a future with greater socio-environmental awareness and responsibility. Do your part in this journey too!

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