The worsening of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil impacted several groups in our society and postponed major expeditions to assist the indigenous population in the Amazon.

In view of this scenario, the Sonepar Group joined the NGO Exped Expedições da Saúde in the “Missão S.O.S. Indigenous Peoples ” and donated several essential materials, such as lamps, circuit breakers, cables, PPE's and tools to assist in the creation of Field Wards (EC).

These units have outpatient treatment facilities to assist villagers who seek help in the main cities, where limited care and hospitalization capacities are collapsing and the number of infected people is growing every day. With donations sent from Campinas (SP), the action will contribute to save lives and bring more security to the population, guaranteeing a higher survival rate for patients with mild and median complications of COVID-19.

“Thanks to the donations received so far and the voluntary work of many people, we were able to help the population of the Campinas region, the host city of EDS. Now, in this new phase, we will dedicate ourselves to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. We intend to maintain the periodic delivery of hospital supplies, in addition to setting upwards in isolated regions affected by the pandemic ”, comments Dr. Ricardo Affonso Ferreira, President of the Expeditionary Health Association.

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