Local communities and employees can dispose of properly in dedicated spaces for collection and recycling


The commitment to sustainability has been one of the priorities for Sonepar. In addition to creating a strategic plan with actions and activities to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, the company continues to implement initiatives to promote collective awareness. In this way, the Group's companies are now also ecopoints for lamp discharges.

This is the result of a partnership between Sonepar and Reciclus, a non-profit organization responsible for making Reverse Logistics feasible, based on the collection of this waste in several municipalities in Brazil.

The lamps are part of the company's business and their correct disposal is essential to reuse their recyclable items and prevent their components from contaminating the soil and / or water. Therefore, this material must be disposed of in specific ecopoints in order to guarantee an environmentally appropriate final disposal. “It is very important that the used lamps are not disposed of as a recyclable glass waste or even ordinary waste. The correct disposal is to use them for reuse of your recyclable items, which can be done through Reciclus. There are even partners focused on improving LED recycling technologies so that the components of this type of lamp can be used more efficiently ”, explains Bianca Bricio, Sustainability manager at Sonepar Brasil.

Bianca also comments that more initiatives like these are to come, such as the installation of collection points for batteries and electronics at the Group's branches in conjunction with other associations. "The goal is for all units open to the public to also become collection points for light bulbs, batteries and electronics soon."

The branches are equipped with collectors available to the local community to dispose of materials in small quantities and the Group companies do not issue the destination certificate. To dispose of large quantities or discards that require the certificate, contact a certified recycler or Reciclus for further guidance.

Check below the branches that are already ecopoints of lamps in the Sonepar Group:


  • São Paulo -SP: Rua José Szakall, 177
  • Campinas - SP: Avenida Orozimbo Maia, 1741
  • Campinas - SP: Rua Dr. Gustavo Orsolini, 6465, GP 1
  • Goiânia - GO: Alameda Corcovado, S / N | QD 106 LT 24
  • Jaboatão - PE: Rua República Eslovaca, 443 GP B CD AM 3
  • Serra - ES: Avenida Civit I, 1795 Annex Module 2B and 3



  • Limeira - SP: Av. Armando Ragonha, 190
  • Jaboatão - PE: Rod BR 101 SUL KM80 SN GP D, E
  • Lauro de Freitas - BA: Pelicano Street, 277
  • Curitiba - PR: Rua João Bettega, 2281



  • Canoas - RS: José do Patrocínio, 239 | Neighborhood Niterói - 92120-080
  • Caxias do Sul - RS: Gaston Luis Benetti, 651 | New Town - 95112-483
  • Curitiba - PR: BR 116, 17.000 | Neighborhood Xaxim - 81690-300


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