We are going through a very uncertain period with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide and, for Sonepar, the well-being of its employees and customers is a priority.
Sonepar Brasil has implemented measures in all of its companies to ensure business continuity and the safety of all.
Yannick Laporte, CEO of Sonepar Brasil says that the Group reacted quickly and structured itself to face this challenging scenario. "We work on contingency plans, we adopt a home office regime for most of our employees and we are prioritizing remote service and communication, as well as sales through digital channels," he said.
Following all the protection and prevention guidelines, we continue to operate and provide electrical materials, PPE and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Works) items to our customers, allowing sectors essential to society to maintain their operation, especially hospitals, sanitation companies and pharmaceutical and food industries. “We are prepared to continue with our operations, ensuring the safety of our employees and reinforcing the commitment to our customers. By supplying essential sectors, we do our part so that life can continue ”, reinforces the CEO of Sonepar Brasil.
All over the world, Sonepar is mobilized and continues to share internally the best practices already adopted in different countries. Thus, our companies have been able to structure themselves better, anticipate scenarios and take precautions, protecting our employees, our businesses and our customers.
Philippe Delpech, CEO of Sonepar comments: “Our customers actively support critical electrical distribution systems to ensure that health, communication, energy or other strategic government infrastructure works correctly in all countries. Our branches have adapted opening hours and the way they serve customers, created new drive services and promoted digital solutions. Likewise, I admire and thank everyone involved in the struggle to limit the spread of COVID-19. As CEO of Sonepar, I will remain completely dedicated to helping and guiding Sonepar in this troubled period and, as always, everyone can count on my support and total commitment ”, he says.

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