The sector opens even more space for solutions with automation and LED technology


The lighting segment has become synonymous with technology for many years. Today, LEDs and automation are a reality and gaining strength in a world that dreams of post-social isolation and that already has a different look at valuing people and quality of life.

Cristiane Paulovich, product manager at Sonepar, says that 2021 brings great opportunities to the lighting sector, given the innovations already present in the market. “Today, when we talk about this topic, we need to talk directly about technology. One thing is linked to another ”, he says. The focus, especially looking at a post-social isolation world, is to highlight low-physical contact solutions, such as sensors.
“In 2020, the general population saw the need to make improvements at home, focused on the environment where they were living, to make homes more cozy and functional. Enlightenment also entered this context. Now, the resumption of face-to-face work will also imply the environment where these people will work. The lighting needs to be good, but it is essential that it has automation to allow the least possible contact with the surfaces ”, explains the professional.
For Allan Siqueira, lighting specialist at Eletronor, automation will be very important in 2021 due to efficiency, sustainability and the volume of information that the lighting system itself can provide, allowing readjustments of layout or times of use for each area. , for example. “One of the trends is automation of lighting focused on the human being, whether it allows each user to adjust the lighting according to their needs or providing greater comfort through the system itself,” he says. "We are able to help customers achieve the lowest possible electricity consumption, the lowest maintenance cost and lighting management through automation and supervisory systems that provide information and real-time status of use," explains the expert.

Thiago Sousa, Nortel's lighting product coordinator, says that we can expect more and more connection with users, such as through Li-fi, an internet signal distributed by light, or even improvements aimed at the Human Centric Light concept. “Today for all the projects, consultancies and requests we have, we offer complete solutions, with connectable lighting and that facilitates the management of light and maintenance,” he explains. And the vast portfolio also allows adding a lot of technology to combat Covid-19. “At first we have UVC lights, which have technology to disable the virus. Another form of protection is to avoid touching equipment to turn on the lights, using sensors and controls or even managing the space with a heat map through lighting, ”he says.

Adriano Gratão, Dimensional's product manager, complements and points out that we can expect a lot from the wave of digital transformation, industry 4.0 and iOT, in which lighting is also highlighted, but for all these possibilities to be effective, having the right support is essential. “We continue to train and train our team of specialists with the main manufacturers and suppliers in the market, in addition to developing strategic partnerships and an adequate internal structure to support this demand. After all, customers can expect more technology, automation and connected lighting management systems, but the ideal solution will certainly vary from one customer to the next ”, he concludes.

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