Solutions proposet by Group’s experts follow world technology trends Sonepar Brasil, leader in the B2B of electrical materials distribution and related solutions, is also a reference in lighting projects, especially in industrial segment.


The Group has experts, called lightmen, who is highly qualified to perform lighting projects with technologies available in market, with the appropriate sizing on light points in a lot of environments, ensuring full compliance with technical standards. The solutions can reduce frequency and maintenance costs, and reduce power consumption by up to 70%.

According to Alberto Vieira, Eletronor lighting specialist, the industries choose to make a modernization in the factory lighting. So that, in addition to reducing energy consumption, this provide the employees’ welfare.

"When a lighting project is well sized, the environment is suitable for the activities performed. People feel comfortable and safe to work, and consequently increase their productivity - study linked to the company’s profitability" says Vieira.

According to lightman, the current trend is the lighting connectivity, through the Internet of Things (IoT). “A luminaire isn’t a light generator anymore. It adds other benefits and activities, such as transmitting data by sensor. All this use is mapped and managed to suit the profile in the environment, without waste” he explains.

The lighting studies take into account the natural light in the environment, the entire local plan (such as the height of the luminaire installation), floor and walls’ color and especially the activity performed by the industry. All this factors have interfered with the project, which are always calculated and based on technical standards.

Highlights in the lighting segment include more durable LED technology and lighting management systems. With this, it is possible to manage the color temperature and light intensity according to different times of the day. As the sun goes down, the luminaires gradually increase the light in place to keep the intensity always stable. So, people don’t feel drastic changes in lighting and reach the end of the day less tired.

Well-sized projects have a lot of benefits for economys in the company, as well as for the welfare of employees. “Our main concern is to make consultative sales with quality products that provide safety and reliability to meet all our customers' expectations,” concludes Vieira.

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