Challenges around data gain prominence and focus


Automation is looking to the future. Whether through the development of new machines or new ways to optimize production processes, Sonepar Group companies are able to effectively assist their industrial customers through highly trained teams and the best tools, solutions and services on the market.

According to Rafael Kenji, product manager in the industrial area at Sonepar, all automation changes have come to add value to people's work. “The Group always seeks to show the client that technologies promote new work positions. It is not a matter of replacing, on the contrary, we created a service network and managed to encourage workers to explore even more opportunities ”, he confirms.

When it comes to the trend in the segment, Kenji says that we will follow waves that are very focused on the evolution of industry 4.0. “We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution and what we see today is an even greater technological advance, based on 8 pillars and with an emphasis on: IOT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Cybersecurity, augmented reality and active manufacturing, which consists of manufacturing products with more agility and greater circularity ”.

Samantha Carvalho, product supervisor at Dimensional, shares the view that automation is directly linked to all technologies that have been evolving and transforming each minute in an exponential way. “In the face of so much information, some challenges arise. Some of them, for example, are identifying what is the best way to store large amounts of data safely or how to prevent unauthorized remote access or command. To remedy these points, new Cloud technologies are constantly being launched for remote data storage, encryption solutions, hardware and software solutions for data security, in addition to artificial intelligence in the Big Data concept ”, he analyzes.

As a complement, Rogério Tergolina, Eletronor's architecture and software specialist, brings practical examples of existing solutions in the company for some of the 4.0 issues: “We work with state-of-the-art automation controllers with deterministic and convergent Ethernet networks between IT and Operation, systems of collaborative robotics, in addition to manufacturing execution software with artificial intelligence and augmented / virtual reality, as well as truly integrated control systems, which really provide a differentiated value to our customers and users ”.

These solutions, called modular and scalable, digitally transform four areas: control systems for faster market development, lower total cost of ownership, better use of assets and better management of business risks. “We believe that this vision of a connected company brings technological evolution and advantage to the industrial world. We distribute our solutions based on the main manufacturers and developers focused on industrial automation ”, informs Rogério.

To keep up with developments to ensure that customers are making the best choices, it is essential to go beyond the offer of news and creativity in this revolution, but also look at the team and work on their training, as concluded by Cássio Marcel de Campos, responsible for the Nortel products: “Training is the keyword. We currently have a specialized technical team, updated on the best technologies on the market, prepared to recommend the best alternatives for each application. This allows us to provide customers with solutions that converge on the various pillars of Industry 4.0, such as the availability and storage of data in the Cloud in a safe and augmented reality ”.

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