The advancement of COVID-19 has brought a challenging scenario to our society, profoundly impacting several needy communities.

As a result, Sonepar companies in the country mobilized to collect donations for the common good.

Dimensional DW's GDAIS volunteer group joined forces to help the Brazilian Red Cross, one of the main national institutions, with donations for the purchase and distribution of hygiene kits, information materials and basic food baskets to areas of greatest social vulnerability.

Nortel and Etil, on the other hand, joined the FEAC - Mobiliza Campinas project and collected donations for the purchase of food cards to more than 10,000 families without resources in the city of Campinas (SP) and region, whose situation was aggravated during the pandemic.

Through different channels, an invitation was made so that employees, customers and suppliers could contribute. In the end, more than 350 units, including basic baskets and hygiene kits, were delivered in these initiatives, reinforcing that together we managed to go further and make a difference to overcome this crisis.

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