People are essential to digital success


Sonepar Brasil has been consolidating digitally for some years and, in 2020, accelerated projects and processes, aiming to provide an increasingly positive shopping experience to customers, with better service levels and directly contributing to the increase in operational efficiency in different segments .

Offering tools to facilitate customer processes and being ahead of the market are the two themes that move companies to keep themselves updated and attentive to technological developments. For Sonepar, digital transformation goes further and means creating the future.

According to Paulo Teles, IT and Digital director of the Group, the key point for this transformation is people. “The success of a project is in the combination of: people, good processes and systems. Behind the whole system are the people who operate it and good processes demand a dedicated team. Everything we do is linked to people, ”he says.
In internal processes, even before thinking about results, there was a real concern with the adaptation of the teams and, through training and support to keep them updated, the contribution of the tools has been positive, since the teams understand them as allies of your processes. The result is reflected in sales, which have been growing gradually in this channel since 2017: "This channel already represents 24% of our sales and our expectation is that it will reach 40% by 2023", he reports.

This demonstrates a solid transition and change, with more tools and adaptations, preparing the market for digital dynamics and proving that face-to-face channels are more powerful when added to online solutions. Within this, the Conecta Project, which aims to further improve resources to offer the best digital experience to customers, gained strength in 2020 and was a great ally for this boost. “It is our way of disseminating digital knowledge, thus increasing and converting sales on these channels and improving the customer journey,” says Paulo.

The structure also needed to be rethought, opening space for managers and teams focused on digital, to ensure a look dedicated to routines and possible evolutions of tools.

As a consequence, in addition to the results, there is the delivery of added value, as Diego Rodrigues, Dimensional's digital manager, says: “We have a B2B e-commerce, in which we convert customers from telesales and e-mail to the digital channel. The purchases made there reduce the risk of errors and optimize the budget process of our teams ”. Diego says that the company's digital solutions are attractive to the market: “The results of our customers have improved and they want to know more and more about the digital and the 4.0 industry. We offer, for example, a way to see the useful life of your equipment with our solutions and we receive encouraging feedback showing that we are on the right track. ”, He exemplifies.

Bruno Cortez, Nortel's digital manager, says that he also sees a positive change with evolutionary results: “We are an agent of digital transformation for our customers. We understand that there is an opportunity to introduce more innovations to them, and so we do. When they know the tools and see what they are capable of, they are surprised. We are talking about processes, safety and productivity ”, he comments. “In addition to being a facilitator, the digital platform is a service that we offer as an extension of personalized services, according to the needs of each one”, he concludes.

For the future, Sonepar is focused on the expansion and growth of its digital channels alongside its partners. The focus is on delivering the best solutions and making a difference in the lives of your employees, your customers and the community using these tools.

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