Sonepar Group experts comment on market trends.


There is a lot of talk about digital transformation, industry 4.0, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other trends, but all these concepts have in common is the need to traffic, monitor, and manage data increasingly. faster and more efficient. In this context, the demand for robust infrastructures to support these technological changes has brought numerous opportunities to the Datacom segment.

Studies show that only 1.5% of Brazilian industries already follow the concept of industry 4.0 and that, by 2024, the projection is that it will rise to 22%. The modernization of the Brazilian industrial park will require greater use of fiber optic solutions and copper cabling (UTP), with impact from the sensor chain to the hardware. Every scenario must be evaluated and even current rules should be updated in the coming years.

According to Lucio Souza, Eletronor's sales manager, Sonepar today has a very complete portfolio, from smart devices and Ethernet communication products, to collaborative robots and structured cabling, all integrated to meet the demands of Internet of Things (IIoT). . “There is a growing need to automate production processes, optimize raw material utilization, reduce costs and avoid machine downtime and thus improve industry margins. Suitability to industry 4.0 reality will be essential”, he comments.

Another aspect in which Datacom has shown significant growth is building automation, for which Sonepar already offers several solutions, such as an Internet Protocol (IP) security camera, which previously used analog cables and are now part of the network with sensors. automation that detect presence, smoke and also control access to buildings with artificial intelligence and nobreaks.

According to Francisco Tetzner Neto, Coordinator of Products and Pre Sales of Dimensional BU InFra, cameras that perform face recognition are the main trend in the segment, which also includes software to check people's faces, the safest means of identification. “Artificial intelligence can measure the distance from the main points of each individual's face, such as the distance from the mouth to the nose, from the eyes, because each person has a unique composition. The software even differentiates twins”, he explains.

And in addition to industrial and building automation solutions, there is a third prominent segment within Datacom: datacenter solutions, which involves data processing for large enterprises.

According to Rafael Abreu, Nortel's Datacom Product Manager, the way we handle data has evolved dramatically. “In the past, we had computers that were too big to physically work with. Today, virtually all of them are cloud. In partnership with large suppliers, we operate within the data center offering the entire product line, such as racks, cabling and all the infrastructure necessary for the operation”, he comments.

Despite all the changes taking place, the market still has much to mature and there are great business opportunities for all Sonepar Group companies in Brazil.

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