Convention Identity Sonepar 2019 marked a new phase for Sonepar Brazil


Sonepar Brazil held its annual convention from March 20 to 22, in Itupeva (SP). With the motto Identity Sonepar, the event gathered around 350 people, including leaders, employees and suppliers, and marked the Group's new phase in the country. “Throughout nearly 20 years of our existence in Brazil, this was the first convention in which we gathered representatives from all departments of all our local companies. We value and respect the DNA of each of them, but we are all proud to belong to a great and bigger Sonepar team”, said Hervé Salmon, CEO of Sonepar Brazil.


Under the "You Are Our Brand" signature, the meeting strengthened the sense of belonging and fostered employee’s engagement, increasing synergy between companies and providing team integration. In addition, the Group's new strategies were presented in the face of a scenario in full transformation, the short and medium time objectives, corporate projects and the consolidation of Sonepar in the digital environment through new systems and tools that can be offered to customers, the new website and presence on social media.


Individual actions

On the second day of the Convention, several departmental meetings were held with professionals from the Group companies. Thus, teams of Purchasing, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology, in addition to the technical teams of Lighting, Industry Automation and Safety & Tools, discussed corporate approaches and projects to optimize the Group's operations in the country. The sales teams had separate meetings by company (Centelha, Dimensional, DW, Eletronor, Etil, Nortel, Proex and Sandler), that allowed an alignment of their own strategies within the scenario presented by Sonepar.


Finally, 16 main suppliers of the companies set up booths and presented their main innovations in products and solutions. At evening, the venue became a great area for socializing with Sonepar's 50th anniversary party, concluding the event at a high level.


“I was very proud of all the engagement of the teams and the high level discussions we had, as well as the tuning in which everyone worked. We have, today, the best team of professionals in Brazil”, concluded Hervé.

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