A more structured and integrated SSC boosts Sonepar Brazil's operations


Created in 2015, Sonepar Brazil's Shared Services Center was launched with the Financial and IT departments. In 2018, the model was expanded and the HR and Logistics areas were also restructured and incorporated into the SSC.

After this implementation, the Group companies in the country have now a single service offer related to the four departments, which allows the optimization of resources, standardization of processes and improvement of the level of service to internal and external customers.

"Recently we have structured processes and tools to provide first-class service to our customers, as their demands are also increasing and becoming more complexes. We are well prepared, professionally and strategically, "commented Hervé Salmon, CEO of Sonepar Brazil.

During the last Sonepar Brazil convention, held in March, the SSC had the opportunity to participate of a team building, a dynamic that promoted even more integration, synergy and team spirit among the employees of this new structure.

The initiative divided the whole team into several groups, with employees from all areas, who were challenged to paint individual pieces of a large picture, sharing resources, managing time and processes, and aligning communication. At the end, all pieces were gathered into a panel evidencing the main attributes that represent the SSC, such as partnership, customer satisfaction, engagement, results and people.

It's Sonepar Brazil continuously working to be "La Référence"!

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