Learn more about the processes implemented with the mission to reduce the environmental impact of our activities


Sonepar Brasil has driven its performance with a strong focus on sustainability. Guided by its commitment to the Planet, it is among the organizations that measure its carbon footprint and implement actions to promote neutralization and, today, we want to highlight 6 of the company's sustainable highlights.

The first two, Resouce Advisor and Ecovadis, are directly related to measuring the company's carbon footprint and monitoring its indicators.

The Resource Advisor software was implemented in all Group companies in 2020 and ensures the efficient management of its environmental impact in the country, as it centralizes consumption information from all its branches and brings indicators that make it possible to analyze data, monitor operations, draw up more efficient improvement plans and measure progress over time.

Ecovadis, on the other hand, is a global platform that conducts an annual assessment of the sustainability levels of companies, focused on the environment, social and governance. This process allows the comparison of Sonepar's results with the results of companies around the world, providing a clear view of priority points to be addressed.

Another 3 highlights also highlight internal actions, but referring to consumption and waste generation. In January 2021, a guideline was launched for the adoption of ethanol as the official standard fuel for the entire corporate fleet, as it is considered a cleaner and renewable fuel, as it is not derived from petroleum, considerably reducing the emission of greenhouse gases In the atmosphere.

In the same period, the use of single-use plastics in the Group's offices was discontinued and ecologically correct alternatives were offered to all employees and visitors, such as mugs, squeezes and glass or paper cups. Still addressing waste management, Sonepar started to facilitate and encourage reverse logistics between employees and the local community, becoming a collection point for light bulbs in several branches across the country, and in the future, it will also receive batteries , with specific collection points for these items.

The last sustainable highlight of the moment goes to reuse. When in good condition, the boxes in which the Group's companies receive the goods from their suppliers are reused for new shipments of products to their customers, contributing to a lower production of this material.

At Sonepar, sustainability covers several fronts, all with the same objective: to positively impact customers, employees, suppliers and, of course, the environment. More than doing its part, the company hopes to inspire and motivate more and more people to act in the same way!

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